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Adoption Status:
Accepting applications
Alaskan Husky
1 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats Unknown if house trained

Yang is a big one-year-old dog (currently 70lbs) with a sweet, playful personality.

Think of Yang as the Lion in the Wizard of Oz.  He can be unsure of things but is really showing us how courageous he really is.  When he is given some time, support and encouragement he really starts to take those steps.  In fact once we have this published there will likely be something new he starts doing.  So right at this moment in time we can say that Yang is a sweet loveable dog who really wants to connect to his people.  He is most comfortable in the forests where he enjoys taking in all the smells.  He is easy to walk and he might enjoy a running buddy but is honestly a medium energy dog (maybe that is why he was fired from the kennel).  He is showing signs of being a snuggler but he will likely need some time to get to know you first.  To quote a few people that have met him “someone is going to be really really lucky”.

What Yang needs:

  • another dog to help be a guide to learning about life in a home and city
  • a fenced yard
  • someone home
  • he has not been tested with cats at this point
  • he has had no experience with children but older children would likely be fine.

If you think you have a home that would suit this big loveable guy, please fill out an application.

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