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Ice Cream Litter Only Klondike Left!!! (Female)

Adoption Status:
Accepting Applications
Mix Breed
2 months old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats Not house trained

Who’s ready to meet one half of the Ice Cream Treat litter — the girls?

Like many of the pups we get at VHS, we can’t be 100% sure what all went into the making of these pups. Their mum appears to be a medium sized shepherd/lab cross, but the dad (or dads) is a mystery to us. We can only take a guess at what size they’ll be when they’re full grown, but they’ll potentially be around the higher end of medium to large dogs.

These eight-week-old little female pups are ready to leave the nest and venture out into the great big world on their own. Although they’ve been working hard on their socialization, manners, and house training, they are still quite young and have lots of learning to do.

They’re going to need an adventure buddy to help show them the ropes. That’s where you’ll come in!

They love playing with all the older dogs in their pack, from big to small. These girls are always excited to meet new people. Keep in mind, if those people happen to be child-shaped, they do still have their sharp, little puppy teeth. They haven’t had a chance to hang out with any cats yet, but as long as yours is dog savvy, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you wish you had a fuzzy pal to enjoy your summers with? Someone to explore the wilderness by your side, maybe do some hiking or camping? A cuddle buddy during a long Netflix binge? Maybe you’re just tired of throwing the ball around outside and it never coming back.

These sweet and energetic pups might just be the ones you’ve been looking for!

If interested in these pups, please fill out an application!

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