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Domestic Longhair
14 years old
Not good with younger kids Not good with older kids Not good with dogs Not good with cats house trained

Harley is a sweet, soft older gentleman (14 years young) who wants nothing more than a comfortable place to sleep and a loving person to cuddle up next to. Though he spends most of his days in dreamland, he still loves to play (especially with dangly toys) and will greet you with creaky chirps when you come home! When he’s in the mood for love, he’ll follow you around and flop onto his side patiently awaiting chest/face scratches, purring like a motor. He’s definitely on the side of lower-maintenance, but being an old man does come with it’s downsides; in Harley’s case, it’s a sensitive tummy so wet food does tend to play with him a bit. As such, he does require a certain level of attentiveness and is best-suited to a home as laid back as he is, with little commotion and lots of lazy days!

Food-wise, Harley’s tummy can’t handle daily wet food, but he’s content to crunch on kibble. He seems to enjoy having his own space and prefers to be on his own most of the day, but that doesn’t mean he won’t seek out your company: if you’re lounging around at home, whether on the couch or in bed, he’ll be right by your side! I’ve found he enjoys moving between his small, comfy bed and his cave-like cat hut if he’s feeling shy, so it’s best to have a few options ready in case he wants to change things up.

Some other small notes about Harley:

• He is currently on Atenolol for his heart, and needs to be given small (quartered) oral tablets twice per day. He’ll spit them out if given without food, so pill pockets are essential! He comes with a good pill pocket supply as well as a year of his meds.

• As he’s slowed down quite a bit, he isn’t the best at keeping himself clean. His fur needs to be brushed out regularly to avoid mats.

• His previous owners before the family who surrendered him, unfortunately declawed his front paws, so be extra careful as he’s pretty sensitive. Don’t worry though, he still makes biscuits!

• A high-sided litter box is recommended to keep him from shoveling out handfuls of litter… Which he has a tendency to do!

• A lovebug at his core, Harley isn’t afraid to physically reach out and try to grab your attention by poking you with his paws, so be ready for some adorable neediness here and there!

If you think this regal gentleman that is also neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, and had a full dental cleaning is a good fit to call your home his retirement home please fill out an application here (yes, we know it is more geared to adopting a dog but just do the best you can)!

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