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Let’s Pat our Pets and Ourselves?

It’s been an incredibly busy year at VHS and we have a lot to celebrate. Let’s start with the animals. We rescued and rehomed over 1,000 animals this year. That’s a record year for us — but it also goes to show you that rescue work is ongoing and the plight of ‘inconvenient’, abandoned and abused animals remains a regional and societal issue. And of course, sometimes, s**t just happens and animals have to be rehomed. Remember, spaying and neutering your pet is the best thing you can do to ensure unwanted animals are not brought into this world. And remember the credo “Adopt, Don’t Shop” when it comes to choosing a pet. Spread the word!

Milestones from 2018

VHS Pet Partners
VHS established our Pet Partners monthly donor program which offers VHS branded merchandise discounts, a certificate of recognition and an annual appreciation event (coming soon in 2019!). Ongoing donations really help us to sustain the enormous ongoing costs of rescue – from taking an animal in, to vet checks, to spay and neuter, to emergency care, to feeding and transportation costs, through the entire process up until time of adoption. If you’d like to Donate to VHS… see that orange button? Thank you!

Man and His Dog
Wow! This year’s Outlooks for Men “Man and His Dog” fundraiser was a huge success. Thank you to Dale Olson of Outlooks for always being there for us. Thank you also to the Laurel Point Inn for hosting us and to all our great sponsors and friends who donated silent auction items and came out to support us. This year, we/you raised over $20,000!! Thank you also to our many stunning fashion models and local celebs who braved the runway to help VHS. You know who you are.

Saving Leroy
Many of you know the story of Leroy. It was a certainly a milestone of rescue work for us. His survival after being shot multiple times and left for dead with a broken chain around his neck was nothing short of miraculous. When we rescued Leroy, we didn’t think he would make it. He was also very aggressive and afraid. In the end, he pulled through and in foster care, we discovered that Leroy was actually a pretty nice guy, a love bug in fact, and that he is not aggressive by nature. He has now been adopted, is thriving and living the good life in a loving home.

You are the lifeblood of our work on behalf of animals.

You are the lifeblood of our work on behalf of animals.

As a non-profit organization, the Victoria Humane Society depends entirely on donations from kind-hearted people like you. Every month, we rescue literally dozens of dogs and cats, and sometimes other small animals, many from horrific circumstances such as neglect, starvation and abuse. The associated costs of rescue are significant, from arranging transportation for the animals out of remote communities and into our care, to emergency medical bills to save animals lives, to spay and neuter costs, vaccinations, hospitalizations, medications and on-going food costs and incidentals. Monthly and one-time donors are literally our most critical form of support. We thank you for donating what you can today.

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