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Brody’s journey of healing

Imagine driving down the highway and seeing a weary dog on the side of the road, dragging a chain around his neck. Such a sad sight was presented to our good Samaritans on August 20thas they drove though the BC Interior. They managed to collect the dog only to find his neck was horribly injured and he desperately needed veterinary care but who to call? Often traditional shelters, particularly those in remote areas just don’t have the ability to care for an animal as horribly ill as the dog they named Leroy, an animal who had been chained in the woods, shot and left for dead by the people who were supposed to be his family


Through a number of phone calls from one caring person to another that night, the rescuers were put in contact with the Victoria Humane Society, reaching our Executive Director, Penny Stone, who amazingly answers her cell phone at all hours, day and night, 7 days a week. Finally, someone who they could talk to rather than leave a message.


The village was activated and a network of volunteers stepped in. Within 12 hours Leroy was on the Island and in the care of VHS


Once in Penny’s arms, the love began for Leroy. He was taken to the amazing Dr. Gurney where it was found that, as suspected, he was full or shrapnel. Additionally, his wounds had abscessed because it had taken him 5-7 days to make it to the highway after being shot.


Poor Leroy was on death’s door and it was not certain he would make it through the night. Leroy wasn’t going to give up and neither was VHS. He received excellent care at the Central Victoria Animal Hospital, funded by wonderful donors who read his story on Facebook and responded to a call for help. He made it!


Leroy went through an incredible ordeal being shot, abandoned and then taken to a strange place where his treatment could also be painful, with dressing changes and almost daily injections. He was understandably nervous and growly, he didn’t know he was in the hands of good humans. Throughout the ordeal, underneath his pain, we knew he needed time and with the help of a great foster home, he got that time.


It has been one full month and Leroy, now named Brody, is ready for his furever home. He has emerged as a gentle giant who just needs his human to allow him the time to adapt and feel comfortable in new situations. Brody will be a loyal, loving companion and is accepting applications now.


And today another dog who needs help came in, a puppy who needs to have an eye removed. Can you help with her medical expenses?



You are the lifeblood of our work on behalf of animals.

You are the lifeblood of our work on behalf of animals.

As a non-profit organization, the Victoria Humane Society depends entirely on donations from kind-hearted people like you. Every month, we rescue literally dozens of dogs and cats, and sometimes other small animals, many from horrific circumstances such as neglect, starvation and abuse. The associated costs of rescue are significant, from arranging transportation for the animals out of remote communities and into our care, to emergency medical bills to save animals lives, to spay and neuter costs, vaccinations, hospitalizations, medications and on-going food costs and incidentals. Monthly and one-time donors are literally our most critical form of support. We thank you for donating what you can today.

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